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Celebrate the Win! May 31, 2012

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How often have you listened to a friend or family member rave about the exceptional service they received?  Hardly ever, right? 

How many times of you listened to your friends and family rant about how awful they were treated?  More than you can remember?

It’s only natural for us (the customer) to respond hastily when we feel we have been wronged.  And when finally, we get the treatment we deserve we’re just as quick to dismiss it as, “They are just doing their job”, or, “that’s what they get paid for”.

Business owners and managers are encouraged to celebrate the wins, no matter how little.  Catch an employee doing the right thing and make a big deal about it, let everyone know. 

We (customers) should adopt a similar mindset. 

Thank him/her on the spot in front of their co-workers and other customers.  If you have the time, ask to speak with a manager and offer up your sincere appreciation for the employee.  Call someone as your walking back to your car and tell them the story.  When you get home, (none of us use our smart phones while driving), put your story on Facebook tell all your friends at once.  Go online to send an email directly to the businesses hire ups.  Go to localcustomerservice.wordpress.com 🙂 and leave your story for everyone to see.

An employee who provided you with outstanding service probably does it consistently throughout his/her day.  Acknowledgement from a customer can go far and encourage the employee to maintain and even possibly step his service up another notch, then providing an even more outstanding experience for the customers still to come.

So don’t forget to celebrate the Win!


2 Responses to “Celebrate the Win!”

  1. Jim Kohn Says:

    It’s positive reinforcement, and it’s how we change the world around us for the better. Well said!

  2. sdullinger Says:

    Very true Jim, thanks for comment.

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