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Shhhh. Be very, very quiet. I’m looking for great customer service. May 25, 2012

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     Welcome to my blog.

What is customer service?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Does it really exist?

Have you ever seen it?

Does it reside in the Big-Boxes?

How about the small family store?

These are just some of the questions I hope to answer.  Please, join me on my search for the elusive lost art of service leadership.


2 Responses to “Shhhh. Be very, very quiet. I’m looking for great customer service.”

  1. Sue Says:

    my fav line is always the one the Home Depot employee always gives you “Someone will be right with you” they are like a lost sock in the laundry. Never seen again

    • sdullinger Says:

      I know right, soooo frustrating. While I was an Assistant Manager for Home Depot the my biggest pet peeve was an associate walking past a customer, suddely realizing they better say something, “You folks all set?” To me you might as well be saying, I don’t want or have the time to help you but if I don’t talk to you I’ll get in trouble.

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